Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Welcome to the Club

Two years ago today, I got the awful news that one of my HS friends had lost their young son to his heart defect. Zachary was 8 months old.  I cried & I cried & snuggled a little extra with Robert that day.  I remember telling the friend who told me the sad news "Oh my God!  I can't even imagine how they feel. I would just curl up in a ball & die. This is so unfair."  I wanted to go the Zach's funeral, but as a Mom of a 14 & 1/2 month old I KNEW I would not be able to see the little coffin or have the words for my friend & his wife.

One week later I became a fellow member of the Club.  The club that NO ONE wants to get acceptance into.  I was overwhelmed with guilt for not going to Zach's funeral.  How could I be so selfish.  It wasn't about me, I should have been there for my friend.

Irony & god have a funny sense of humor I've learned in the past 2 years.

~  Zach & Robert died 1 week apart.
~  Zach & Robert were buried 1 week apart.
~  Robert died 1 week after we had all gone to the Hubby's military Christmas party.
~  Robert was buried 1 week before Christmas.
~  Robert died the day after his cousin's birthday party.
~  1 week before our first big fundraiser in Robert's memory I went to Zach's benefit.

My heart goes out to my "Sister" & "Brother" today. 

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  1. It is definitely the club that no one wants to be a member of . . .I am sorry that we both are and wish there was something I could write to make it better. Take care.