Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Does it get easier?

Today is only December 1st & I am already an emotional basket case.  Not that is a surprise to some of you (yes I am the one who cries at the Folgers Christmas commercial.  You know the one where the brother comes home & surprsies the family by making coffee early in the morning!).

Usually I put ALL ofmy Christmas stuff up the day after Thanksgiving.  Sometimes I've even put the tree up before the dessert dishes are cleared on Thanksgiving.  Not this year.  I have ZERO Christmas spirit.  Last year Christmas was easier because I was still in a fog of WTF happened?!?  I can't believe my son is dead.  Not so much this year.  Reality has set in & I have NO Friggin idea how to get through this month.

I know everyone greives differently & in their own time. I just hope I can get through this month.  Get through this 1st anniversary.  Get through Christmas.

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