Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Are we still on a break?

I got some scary news last night. One of my friend's daughter was in the ER & of course my phone had crapped out on me earlier in the evening & had just charged back up so I had No Idea what time she actually sent the message. I send her a text, & ended up sleeping with my cell phone "just in case" she called. I then did something I had told myself I wasn't going to do; I prayed. As far as I am concerned God & I are still on a break when it comes to me, but I had to pray for my friend, her husband & their daughter.

Me: "Please God, I know we areon a break right now, but you have to be with K, J, & M. I can't bear to have them go through anything close to what I am dealing with. So, if you could please make sure M is OK & that K & J know everything will be OK. Thanks."
I didn't even wait for an answer.....I pulled the sheets over my head & tried to go to sleep.

My little Princess woke the Hubby & I up this morning "Daddy. DADDY!!!!! Can you put TV on for me? PLEEEEEEASE!" Daddy just rolled over & snored.....guess I'm getting up. I got out of bed put the TV on & stumble back into bed. I hadn't slept well & wasn't felling all that good on top of everything. About an hour later I got up, fed the kids & called K. She didn't answer her phone. OK that could be good or bad.......please let it be good, you know like they were up late at the ER & are home now sleeping after a long night. PLEEEEEEEASE! (hey it works for Princess B, why can't I try, right?)

I go about my day, worried. Worried about little M. Worried that since technically God & I are still on a break my prayer had gone right to his voicemail & he'd get to it later. Ugh! Then finally my phone rings "oh you so crazy. she's like baby. I'm like Swayze. I said ewww & I'm burning up so let's turn it up. I said turn it up now......" I dive across the living room & grab my phone before NKOTB get to finish "Dirty Dancing".

Me: "Hello?"
K : "we're home.........M's OK....."
Me: "Oh thank GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


  1. He IS there, and He does listen. He brought us together afterall. Didn't He?

  2. I do have to thank him for that! Love you girl!