Thursday, August 20, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babe's

The other day Princess B & I were swimming with my SIL & my neice & nephew. My nephew is around 21 1/2months old now. It was the first time he "noticed" Robert's angel tattoo on my back while we were swimming that day. MY SIL & niece went into the house for a potty break & I was watching Princess B & Bubby's "twin." There are days where I see so much of my little man in my nephew that I truly believe that they really are twins & that my SIL & I were blessed with one each! Anyway, the kids were taking turns jumping into the pool & I would catch them. After my nephew jumped in he swam around to my back. Then I noticed the lightest little pat on my tattoo. I turned around to see Bubby's twin patty the tat, looked up at me & said clear as can be to me "Robert!" My nephew smiled, then hugged my back then swam back up to the ladder to take his turn jumping in the pool. I could not believe he did that. As soon as my SIL came back out to the pool I told her what happened. She looked at me & said "really? at home he points to Robert's pictures & says 'Me' " Even yesterday we "tested" this. We asked my nephew who was in the Christmas picture on the wall & sure enough he pointed to Robert,said "me" then pointed to himself "me." Immediately after my SIL asked him whose picture was on Aunt Heather's back "Robert." You can't tell me he doesn't remember his twin!!!

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