Saturday, September 25, 2010

Birthday Blues

It's 4 days until Robert's 3rd birthday.  I'm kinda on pins & needles, waiting to see how I will react.

Last night we had Princess B's birthday party.  I felt like such a loser Mommy!  I didn't do anything grand. All I did was throw together a crappy looking cake (I usually make her a kick ass Wilton shaped cake that matches her bday theme).  Grabbed some birthday decorations from Dollar Tree & a couple of balloons hung from the tree out front, that popped even before the party started. {sigh}.

All she wanted was to go to Famous Dave's BBQ for supper & that's what we did.  There were 13 of us & she had a good time.  I got drunk on Octoberfest ~ thank you Sam Adams for making a damn good beer!

After supper some of the family came back here for neon pink birthday cake.  We sang "Happy Birthday" & after she blew out her candles, Princess B proclaims "Today was the Best birthday EVER!!"  Maybe I am a good Mommy after all!

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