Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Driving today I pass a local church & there on their marquee, mocking me, is "Grief Recovery Class starting 9/9/10 at 7pm".  Are you fucking serious?!?!  I am having one of THOSE days.  The kinda day where everything reminds me of Bubby.  People don't understand how I feel & say stupid things to me ~ a lot.  God & I are still on that break & it was so not nice of him to mock me today!

I'm sorry, but ANYONE who tells you that you can recover from grief is a fool.  The traumatic event that causes your grief changes you forever.  How can you recover from something you have NO CONTROL OVER? 

What will this class teach me?  Pray harder? God only gives you what you can handle?  We don't know what God's plan for us is, but he does? PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens)?  WHATEVER!!


  1. Even though you are mad at God he still loves you. I'm sorry you've been having bad days. I wish I would pray your pain away :-( I love you!

  2. I'm on your side, I'm scared to think of what "exercises" they do in that class. I would never do something like this through a church, I would never give the nosiest people on the planet opportunity to see my most innermost hurt. Eff that! Lotsa hugs from Maine.